Restructuring and Turnaround Management of Mining Companies

Company profile

East Alliance offers its partners solutions in terms of restructuring and turnaround management of mining companies’ assets.
East Alliance specialists have got 20-year long experience of work with mining companies of Russia’s Far East.   

Completed projects

East Alliance specialists have completed projects in the Far East in such areas as coal industry, non-ferrous metals industry, mining and chemical industry  

Coal industry

Non-ferrous metals industry

Mining and chemical industry

Our services

Drawing up and implementing
anti-crisis measures

 Diagnostics of the company’s performance

 Drawing up an anti-crisis plan

 Drawing up a cost-cutting plan

 Restructuring the debt burden

 Turnaround management procedure

Business restructuring

 Arranging deals for the sale of non-profile assets

Business restructuring – arranging deals for the sale of a part of assets to reduce the debt burden

 Arranging deals for the total sale of companies’ business to strategic investors

Distressed assets management

 Distressed asset valuation

• Drawing up measures to minimize losses caused by the performance of a distressed asset

• Drawing up best strategy for the recovery of investments in the distressed asset 

 Arranging deals for the sale of distressed assets

Advantages of East Alliance company

Rapid response

East Alliance has got competences which enable it to make timely management decisions in a critical situation despite limited information, which allows companies to minimize losses


East Alliance offers companies best solutions for recovering from crises based on analysis and rational approach. Our approach to work consists in getting the best possible result with the least possible input of resources


Cycle of work with the company includes all the necessary stages – diagnostics of crisis factors, restoring the company’s solvency, providing stability and preventing eventual crisis situations in the future

Knowledge of the region

Vast experience of work in the Far East resulting in the knowledge of special features of the region enables East Alliance to work out for companies operating in the Far East the best and most viable strategy of development

We help our clients to:

Recover from the situation of crisis, eliminate its consequences and shift to a stable operation mode of the company

Streamline the company’s work and increase labour productivity

Keep under control business processes and work out the best development plan

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pereulok, 25/9b1

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